Jill Urwin is an East London jewellery designer who creates beautiful handmade and treasured one-off pieces, each with their own special meaning.

Jill draws inspiration from the natural and spiritual world, particularly from her fascination with crystals and their distinct symmetry and meanings. Her signature designs are beautifully hand-crafted from natural crystals found on her travels, combined with a contemporary twist from the use of harder-edged metalwork and leather. The Wild Collection focuses on nature and folklore from around the world, ensuring that every piece of jewellery has meaning as well as beauty. Bringing a sense of history and meaning to jewellery is an intrinsic part of Jill Urwin’s design.

Jewellery design wasn’t Jill’s original career path, she started out as a Buyer in the fashion industry, which has given her the insight, desire and drive to pursue her new found love of jewellery. With a growing fanbase, which includes Florence Welsh, Ellie Goulding and Yasmin Sewell, Jill’s aesthetic is a refreshing stand-out approach amidst a market of widespread mass production.